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Michelle is an incredible strategist, marketer, and being of light. Her mission to inspire others is felt through everything she does.

Gabrielle Bernstein
New York Times bestselling author

Michelle recently joined my creative team and I am very impressed how in a short amount of time her creative ideas, her joyful spirit and her knowledge of trends in social media and marketing have helped to grow my precious business. It means so much to me to be able to work closely with someone so loving, passionate, committed, talented, responsible, youthful yet mature, with such an exuberant spark of creative genius. One of the best things about Michelle is how she is so enthusiastic and willing to do anything to get things done. She is the perfect match for Sati Life!“

Patricia Moreno
Founder and CEO
Sati Life and intenSati

“When I first met Michelle I was struck by the positive energy and bright light that was constantly flowing from her directly into every person she encountered. Once she started rebranding my business, I was so impressed with her creativity and original thought that I referred many of my own clients to her. If you are looking to up level your brand, increase visibility and sales, I highly recommend Michelle and the I AM. creative team.”

Terri Cole
Hello, Freedom

“What I do is who I am. My only business plan is to follow the voice of my soul. Michelle & the entire I AM. creative team understands this with a rare depth of heart. I am heard, appreciated, & profoundly supported by the meticulous care spent on every soulful detail of my annual event REVEAL. If you want to be provided for with integrity, & grace, trust I AM. creative to help divinely manifest your event’s every need.”

Meggan Watterson
Author & Founder

Michelle and the I AM. creative team are world class. She helped me find the golden nugget of my project’s brand, and designed a beautiful opt-in page that made my heart and business soar.”

Alex Jamieson
Women’s Health & Detox Expert

“The best part about working with Michelle of I AM. creative is her incredible energy! She’s like having a best friend, spiritual advisor, brilliant marketing guru and total cheerleader in your corner all at once. Every time we connect about Bella Life I make more money, get more connections and feel my creative energy on a whole new level.”

Nitika Chopra
Talk Show Host + Founder

“Genius. Pure, genius. There are no words in the English language to appropriate capture Michelle’s gift for seeing people. Within 15 minutes, she had listened, captured, written, and packaged ME, all of me, in a way that no one else has been able to see or understand before.

Michelle has a way of seeing BEYOND what is said. She identifies the little golden nuggets of who you are and what you’re here for. She has a way of connecting all of the dots so that your business can be a full, true expression of who you are.

I came to Michelle feeling scattered, confused and not knowing HOW to incorporate all of me to best serve my clients. She immediately identified exactly who I am, what I’m good at, and how I’m meant to showcase that to the world so that my business is the truest expression of me.

She’s a powerhouse mix of spiritual intuition, business organization, and practical implementation. I have more direction, purpose and clarity than ever before.

Michelle is a visionary and my personal business whisperer.”

Julie Santiago
Inspirational Catalyst
Julie Santiago Inc.

Michelle was the stereotypical exceptional colleague. There was no doubt that she was a rising star – renowned among all account teams as a reliable, organized, and productive employee with an eagerness to offer her assistance wherever and whenever possible, and a capacity and drive for excellence. Michelle thrives on social interaction and group dynamics, making her an asset to any business where collaboration and cooperation are pivotal to building successful working relationships both internally among colleagues and externally with clients. Michelle possesses an almost supernatural work ethic and dedication – not only does she accomplish every task with accuracy and efficiency, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem, but she does so with ease and a smile, making it a pleasure and honor to work with her. However, none of these stellar qualities even begins to embody the true value inherent in Michelle’s presence and engagement. When I think of Michelle , I think of passion and light; both radiate palpably in everything she does, not only in her professional career, but perhaps most importantly in her personal world as well. Michelle breathes freshness into everything that crosses her path, she inspires just by being with an energy that is soothing and comfortable.“

Tara Bernardino
Vice President, Management Supervisor
Ogilvy Healthworld

Michelle is charged with energy, passion and drive to deliver smart, strategic, thoughtful recommendations to her clients on a consistent basis. She is an absolute delight to work with, which is why I always wanted her on my team!“

Michelle Morgan
Vice President, Group Account Supervisor
DraftFCB Healthcare