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The (infamous) Brand Breakthrough Session


In these 2 hour sessions, we work together to establish your big picture brand platform, your brand vision & essence, your target demographic and how to reach them, your tagline & mission statement, your website outline, your program name(s) and outline, and your next steps for launch and strategic marketing plan (dependent on time constraints).

Your brand platform is the umbrella under which all of your services, your offerings and your immediate and future mediums and outlets (i.e. blogging, radio show, television, book deal, etc.) will fit. Your brand platform is the most important and integral component of your brand development & launch, as it serves as the foundation that will guide you in all of your decisions, from logo & look and feel to copy development to launch plan. 

If you use I AM. creative for anything, let it be for this session.

You will leave with the clarity, confidence and plan to create your dream. Comprehensive brand outline & guidelines will follow the session.