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Raised on a nature preserve in New York, completely ensconced in her mother’s spiritual retreat center community, Michelle has always been aware of the importance and benefits of living a conscious, healthy and awakened life. While in her personal life, Michelle has always continued to embrace and expand upon her early learnings; her professional life remained a separate entity. Until now.

Prior to the launch of I AM. creative, Michelle worked in the pharmaceutical advertising industry on both global and U.S. based pharmaceutical accounts. Trained at top advertising firms including Ogilvy, Cline Davis & Mann, and Grey Global, she rose quickly up the corporate ladder. Michelle most recently assumed the role of Account Lead on two antipsychotic brands for Janssen- Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical division. Past Clients include Merck (pre-launch Cardiovascular product), Allergan (Botox), Unilever (Dove and Vaseline), GlaxoSmithKline (Avastin for Brain Cancer) and Novo Nordisk (global pre-launch innovative insulin products).

Michelle’s experience and expertise lies in pre-launch brand development and strategy, and product marketing for in-market brands and products. Brand development and expansion truly is her passion, with experience including but not limited to the development of benefit ladders, messaging maps, competitive branding exploratories and analyses, positioning, signature/logo, brand vision, values, personality & essence, the identification of behavioral motivations, customer knowledge, category dynamics, cultural trends, and concept development and campaign execution.

Michelle’s decision to leave the pharmaceutical advertising industry was born of passion. Passion to help grow the brands, products and companies she believes in to spread the messages she believes in — passion to use her training and experience for good.